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Historical Photos - UM Med School and JMH. This collection has been compiled from various sources and was instrumental in the 50th Anniversary celebration in the fall of 2002. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact our staff for assistance. Similarly, if you have images that you feel would be appropriate for inclusion in this collection we would gladly include them. First Graduate Class

People- UM faculty, key staff and administrators. Due to privacy concerns, this archive is not available online. Call Biomedical Communication at 305-243-6783 or
Dr. Jacob

Dr. David S. Howell Painting Gallery

Dr. David S. Howell, professor of medicine at the Miller School of Medicine since 1967, is founder of its arthritis division, an international expert in the mineralization of cartilage, and author of hundreds of textbook chapters and journal articles. Dr Howell is also an acclaimed painter of the majestic and passionate sea, from Gloucester to Key Largo, who has generously agreed to support United Way with artist-approved, studio-quality, prints of his work.

Dr. Howell