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Virally delivered, constitutively active NFκB improves survival of injured retinal ganglion cells.

Dvoriantchikova G, Pappas S, Luo X, Ribeiro M, Danek D, Pelaez D, Park KK, Ivanov D


A comparative transcriptomic analysis of astrocytes differentiation from human neural progenitor cells.

Magistri M, Khoury N, Mazza EM, Velmeshev D, Lee JK, Bicciato S, Tsoulfas P, Ali Faghihi M


Acidification changes affect the inflammasome in human nucleus pulposus cells.

Brand FJ, Forouzandeh M, Kaur H, Travascio F, de Rivero Vaccari JP


Variations in Multiple Syndromic Deafness Genes Mimic Non-syndromic Hearing Loss.

Bademci G, Cengiz FB, Foster Ii J, Duman D, Sennaroglu L, Diaz-Horta O, Atik T, Kirazli T, Olgun L, Alper H, Menendez I, Loclar I, Sennaroglu G, Tokgoz-Yilmaz S, Guo S, Olgun Y, Mahdieh N, Bonyadi M, Bozan N, Ayral A, Ozkinay F, Yildirim-Baylan M, Blanton SH, Tekin M


Spanish version of SPADI (shoulder pain and disability index) in musculoskeletal shoulder pain: a new 10-items version after confirmatory factor analysis.

Luque-Suarez A, Rondon-Ramos A, Fernandez-Sanchez M, Roach KE, Morales-Asencio JM


Are Research Ethics Committees Prepared for Community-Based Participatory Research?

Tamariz L, Medina H, Taylor J, Carrasquillo O, Kobetz E, Palacio A


Role of exercise intensity on GLUT4 content, aerobic fitness and fasting plasma glucose in type 2 diabetic mice.

Cunha VN, de Paula Lima M, Motta-Santos D, Pesquero JL, de Andrade RV, de Almeida JA, Araujo RC, Grubert Campbell CS, Lewis JE, Simões HG


Spatial and temporal coordination of insulin granule exocytosis in intact human pancreatic islets.

Almaça J, Liang T, Gaisano HY, Nam HG, Berggren PO, Caicedo A


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