Upper Extremity Passive ROM Exercises

     Upper extremity, passive ROM exercises teach someone else how to stretch your arms if you are unable to move your arms by yourself. These exercises should be done slowly and gently, and can be done with the person sitting in a chair or lying down. Do each exercise ten times.

Shoulder Flexion and Extension

    Hold the forearm with one hand. With the other hand, grasp the top of the shoulder joint to stabilize it. Turn the palm inward, facing the body, and keep the elbow relatively straight. Move the arm from the side of the body over the head.

Shoulder Flexion and Extension

Shoulder Abduction and Adduction

    Place one hand on the shoulder, stabilizing the shoulder joint. With the other hand holding the elbow, support the forearm and turn the palm outward. Bring the arm out to the side, away from the body, as far as it will go.

SHoulder Abduction and Adduction

Shoulder Internal and External Rotation

    Place one hand on the shoulder. With your other hand, hold the forearm. Bring arm out to the side to shoulder level. Turn arm so that the hand points to the ceiling. Then turn arm back down so that hand points to floor and the upper arm is twisting in the shoulder joint.

Elbow Flexion and Extension

     Hold the upper arm with one hand and forearm with the other hand. Bend the arm at the elbow so that the hand touches the shoulder. Then straighten the arm all the way out.

Elbow Flexion and Extension

Forearm Supination and Pronation

     Hold under the elbow with one hand and the wrist with the other hand. Turn the palm of the hand so it faces up to the ceiling, and then down to the floor, twisting the forearm.

Wrist Flexion and Extension

     Hold the forearm above the wrist with one hand. Place the thumb and fingers of your other hand on opposite sides of the palm. Holding the hand in this way, bend it up at the wrist, then down at the wrist, about 90 degrees. The fingers will straighten naturally.

Wrist Flexion and Extension

Finger Flexion and Extension

     Place the hand palm down. While raising the wrist, bend the fingers up. Then straighten out the fingers as you bend the wrist down.


     Bend and straighten the thumb. Stretch the thumb out to the side to stretch the "web space"


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