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Collaboration / Mentoring



  • Google Scholar
  • Offers a quick way to locate multiple copies of the same article from different sources.
  • NIH RePORTER (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool) A searchable database of federally funded biomedical research projects conducted at universities, hospitals, and other research institutions. The NIH RePORTER Expenditures and Results section replaces and retains all CRISP features and adds many new capabilities and links to Pubmed, Pubmed Central, and Patent database, etc.
  • PubMed PubReMiner
  • A topic search will display the most prolific journals and authors for that topic.
  • Researcher ID
  • Allows you to view an author’s published citations; this resource can also be used to locate collaborators and view publication trends around the globe.
  • SciVal Experts: Research Profiles
  • This mentoring and collaboration resource gives an in-depth description of an individual UM faculty member by creating a "conceptual fingerprint" of their published research in PubMed and NIH-funded research projects in CRISP. Provides graphical displays of publication trends of UM faculty and departments for the past 20 years of PubMed and NIH-funded research projects.
  • Use this resource to find out who has cited your paper since it’s been published; this is also a great resource for finding articles like the one you already have—also search ISI: Science Citation Index.
  • Web of Science: Essential Science Indicators
  • This resource uses journal article publication counts and citation data to help determine influential institutions, individuals, publications and papers, and countries in a field of study.
  • Web of Science: Highly Cited Researchers
  • Use this free resource to identify individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades.

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  • Contact a Reference Librarian at the Louis Calder Memorial Library for personalized assistance: 305-243-6648 or reference@med.miami.edu


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This list is not comprehensive. It serves the function of a little black bag of essential resources for mentoring and collaboration. For assistance with any of these resources, or to find out about other available research and searching options you can browse the library's full web site, come by the library's Reference Desk or call the Reference, Education & Outreach Services department at (305) 243-6648

We always want your feedback! To suggest additions, corrections or changes to the content of the Calder Portal for Nursing page, please send an email to the Reference, Education & Outreach Services department at reference@med.miami.edu