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Remote Access

Remote access to the Louis Calder Memorial Library's **Licensed Resources (E-journals, E-books and Databases) is restricted to faculty, staff and students at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine / University of Miami Health System (UMMSM/UMH) and Jackson Health System (JHS) Personnel.

Eligible off-campus users (UMMSM/UMH and JHS) can access resources in a variety of ways depending on their affiliation.

Click on the link below to apply for or renew your remote access to Calder Library resources for the Proxy access page.
Access Request Form for UM/JHS

EZ-Proxy Access
Medical Library users who are on campus will have automatic access to resources. Remote access will continue to be provided with Single Sign-On Authentication (CaneID) for UM students and employees.

Remote access for non resident JMH staff will require registering for a restricted-use CaneID/C-Number.
Follow these steps:
(1) Register for a CaneID/ C-Number
(2) Register in person at Calder Library with photo ID and provide your C# to library staff.
Detailed proxy logon information is available here. It may take up to 2 business days for your account to be activated. For further help, you can contact library staff at 305-243-6403.

Secure Gateway/VPN for UMMSM and UMH faculty/staff/students:
Login with your MedIT issued (Outlook) username and password. After you are logged in, open a browser session and go to the library’s homepage and you’ll have access to the library’s resources.

CITRIX for UMMSM and UMH faculty/staff/students:
Login with your Medical Information Technology (MedIT) issued (Outlook) username and password. After you are logged in, open a browser session and go to the library’s homepage and you’ll have access to the library’s resources.  You’ll also have access to your network files.

Secure Gateway/VPN for Jackson Health System faculty/staff/students:
Login with your JHS issued username and password. After you are logged in, open a browser session and go to the library’s homepage and you’ll have access to the library’s resources.

CITRIX for Jackson Hospital faculty/staff/students:
From the Domain drop-box, choose um-jmh.org. Login with your Jackson issued (Outlook) username and password. After you are logged in, open a browser session and go to the library's homepage and you'll have access to the library's resources. You'll also have access to your network files.


Off-Campus Access FAQs


What are my options for off-campus access to e-journals, e-books and databases?
It depends on your affiliation with the Louis Calder Memorial Library. All UMMSM/UMH personnel can access via Calder’s Proxy Server, MedIT's Citrix Server and the UMMSM VPN. Jackson Health System Employees can use Calder’s Proxy server, Jackson’s Citrix Server and Jackson’s VPN.

I am having trouble with the Off-Campus Access Service. Where can I get help?
For help with Calder’s proxy access contact the systems department at 305-243-5440 or submit feedback form (http://calder.med.miami.edu/forms/general_feedback.html). For  help with the UMMSM/UMH Citrix and VPN access contact MedIT at 305-243-5999 or email: Help@med.miami.edu. For help with Jackson Health System’s (JHS) Citrix and VPN Access contact JHS IT department at 305-585-6789 or email: csc@jhsmiami.org.

Why is off-campus access limited to UMMSM/JHS students, faculty, and staff?
When we purchase access to an electronic resource, we sign a license agreement with the vendor. This license requires us to restrict access to the current UMMSM/JHS community.

Are there any restrictions?
  • Users of these resources must abide by existing copyright legislation including fair use and library use.
  • It is prohibited to systematically download or programmatically copy articles and other information obtained from electronic resources.
  • It is prohibited to republish in print or electronic form.
  • It is prohibited to alter, abridge, adapt or modify the licensed materials without permission.
  • Articles may not be downloaded in aggregate quantities or centrally stored for later retrieval.
  • Resources may not be used for commercial purposes, such as bulk reproduction or distribution

Why can I get into some electronic journals without logging in?
Some full text journals are freely available to anyone on the Internet, either for a limited time or permanently. These titles are listed on the Library's E-Journals A-Z list, but they do not require a login. 

 What can I do if I got a Cookie error message?
After the authentication, a “cookie” is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access this database.  If you got a cookie error message, your browser may be currently set to disallow cookies.  Just change your browser back to the default setting to ACCEPT COOKIES. 

Why did I get a "404 Error" (File Not Found) page or a "Server not Found or DNS Error" page? 
Sometimes users encounter error pages for certain common problems. When they occur, the web server (or web browser) sends an error page for you to view - usually without a lot of explanation. Two common Internet errors are:

    • 404 Errors (Page not Found) 
    • "Server not Found or DNS Error"

Users may get these errors for a variety of reasons.

    • An incorrect URL, outdated link or a missing page
    • Some aspect of your network is down or very busy

These errors generally indicate the problem resides on the provider's (publishers) website, and may not be related to your remote access sessions.  

Why can't I view or print a PDF?
If you can't open a PDF, make sure you are using the most current version of Reader, a free download from www.adobe.com.
If you are unable to print, make sure you are using the Adobe print button, and not the browser print button.

I'm from the Coral Gables UM campus, how do I access the Calder Library online resources from home?
Go to the Richter Library homepage (https://www.library.miami.edu/), and click on the Connect from Off-Campus link (towards the left side of the page).

I'm from the Latin American program, how do I access the Calder Library online resources from home?
Latin American students who are affiliated for a period exceeding one month are granted remote access to our resources. They would first need to register with the library. Once this is done they can then use their username and barcode to access our electronic resources. After leaving, they will always have access to Sitios Electrónicos Médicos (http://calder.med.miami.edu/sitiosmedicos.html) which is linked in the Calder Portals.



**Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for Electronic Resources
Many of the electronic resources available through the Louis Calder Memorial Library are governed by license agreements which restrict use to University of Miami's students, faculty or staff members or anyone using a computer in the University of Miami, Louis Calder Memorial Library. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that these resources are used for personal and/or educational non-commercial purposes without systematically downloading, distributing, printing or retaining substantial portions of the information. Examples of prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, such actions as downloading or printing entire journal issues or electronically transmitting online content to mailing lists or electronic bulletin boards. Keep in mind that restrictions vary from resource to resource.
Breaches of the University's contractual arrangements with publishers could result in the suspension of access to the resources for the entire University of Miami, School of Medicine's community.